About our City, Sendai

Sendai claims to be the "City of Trees" with literally a lot of trees on the streets in its city center. The City of Sendai, the 11th ordinance designated city with a vibrant population of about 1 million, is situated in the north east of Honshu, the main island, approximately 360kms from Tokyo. It is the biggest city of the Tohoku District of Japan, the northern part of Honshu.
As you can imagine from the name, Sendai is surrounded by lots of nature. Therefore, the municipality and its citizens are very much aware of the environment. The municipal government has set up an environmental protection ordinance; various recycling and other environmental protection events are carried out in the city. In addition, there are many non-government and non-profit organizations that have been vigorously working for the environment. It is significant that we, EPF, have been taking actions in such an environmentally concerned city. We would like to continue to play a leading role in providing information to the citizens and fighting against environmental contamination.

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